.10 Posting Schedule of Fares and Consumer Rights.

A. The authorized schedule of fares shall be printed and posted in each taxicab in such manner that passengers can readily determine the exact rate of fare payable by them. It shall be unlawful to collect any fare other than that appearing on, and determinable from, the schedule. Every driver, when requested by the passenger, shall give a receipt in paper form or by electronic means.

B. An electronic receipt shall show:

(1) The operator's name;

(2) The time and place of beginning and of termination of the trip;

(3) The total time of the trip;

(4) The amount of fare charged, including an explanation of any additional charges;

(5) The driverís Public Service Commission license number;

(6) The company name; and

(7) A customer support telephone number and an email address or hyperlink or both, for passenger inquiries, as well as instructions for filing a complaint with the Public Service Commission.

C. The Consumer Bill of Rights shall:

(1) Be conspicuously displayed in the rear area of the taxicab;

(2) Be posted in an accessible format on the taxicab associationís website and on any electronic media that the taxicab association maintains; and

(3) Be provided by the taxicab association in Braille or in large print upon customer request.

D. The taxicab association website shall state that the Consumer Bill of Rights will be provided in Braille and large print upon request.