.06 Requirement of Permit.

A. A taxicab may not be operated until a permit has been obtained from the Public Service Commission for the authorized jurisdiction in accordance with Public Utilities Article, §10-202, Annotated Code of Maryland.

B. Permits may not be transferred without the consent of the Public Service Commission.

C. A charge will not be made for the issuance of any permit.

D. When the taxicab is on duty, the holder of a permit is required to operate the taxicab the permit identifies in such manner as to render maximum service to the public, in conformity with Commission regulations. A taxicab may not be kept idle while there is a demand for service.

E. The holder of a taxicab permit that has not recorded a minimum of 12,000 miles of operation per calendar year may be required to show good cause for the apparent lack of usage, or be subject to revocation of the permit.

F. A permit holder shall notify the Public Service Commission within 72 hours of any change of address.