.06 Duties of the Licensee.

A. A licensee, while operating a taxicab or assigned to operate a taxicab:

(1) Shall accept as passenger and convey where directed any orderly person, upon request, unless previously engaged or unable or forbidden by the provisions of these regulations or by other valid law or regulation to do so.

(2) Shall keep a current, written or electronic record of all trips on a manifest format approved by the Public Service Commission. The manifest shall be completed at or before reaching the destination of each trip.

(3) Shall proceed with passengers to their destination by the shortest practicable route.

(4) Shall give a receipt for fares on an authorized form or by electronic means when requested.

(5) May not operate a taxicab for more than 12 hours of any continuous 24 hour period.

(6) At all times, while on duty, shall have displayed in the interior of the taxicab, in the frame provided for it, the identification license.

(7) Shall charge only the rate of fare or charge established by law.

(8) Shall be responsible upon having been assigned to a taxicab to ascertain that the equipment in the cab is in good working order. A driver may not tamper with rate cards, the meter, meter light, cable, speedometer cable, or any other equipment required to be in the cab by law or that registers fares and charges.

(9) Shall permit representatives of the Public Service Commission, after proper identification, the right at any time to enter into or upon any taxicab for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not any of the Public Service Commission's regulations have been violated.

(10) Shall display appropriate courtesy and consideration at all times.

(11) May not use profane or abusive conduct or language.

(12) Shall accept payment in the form of cash, debit card, or credit card, according to the choice of the passenger, or by other means when contractually required.

B. The licensee:

(1) Shall report each change of residence within 72 hours to the Public Service Commission.

(2) Shall answer promptly all communications and summonses received from the Public Service Commission.

(3) When working on a commission basis, shall deliver all fares and all other legal charges received to the owner.

(4) May not operate a taxicab while the driver's taxicab or driverís license is suspended or revoked.

(5) May not permit any other person to use the driverís identification license.

(6) May not permit any other person to drive the taxicab and return the taxicab to the owner's garage upon completion of the shift to which the driver was assigned.