.04 Distribution of Application.

A. The applicant shall submit to the Commission the original and six copies of the application.

B. At the time the application is filed with the Commission, the applicant shall mail a copy of it to the following:

(1) The governing body, and the planning zone commission of each county in which any portion of the project will be located;

(2) Maryland Department of Health;

(3) Maryland Department of Transportation;

(4) Maryland Department of Natural Resources (six copies);

(5) Maryland Department of Commerce;

(6) Office of Planning;

(7) Maryland State Highway Administration;

(8) The Regional Planning Council, the Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission, or both, if affected by the application;

(9) United States Department of Interior; and

(10) All other local, state, or federal agencies designated in Regulations .01B(1) and (7) and .02I of this chapter, if affected by the application.

C. A certificate of service showing the identity of those served shall be attached to the application.