.02 Information and Documents To Be Included in Application.

The following information and documents shall be included in an application made under this subtitle:

A. The applicant's name and the address of its principal business office;

B. The name, title, and address of the person authorized to receive notices and communications with respect to the application;

C. The location or locations at which the public may inspect a map or maps showing in more detail the site and routing of the project, as required by §R of this regulation;

D. A concise general description of the entire project, including pertinent design and operational features, provisions for aesthetic and environmental considerations, and the overall project schedule for engineering, construction, and activation;

E. The estimated cost of the project;

F. Tentative plans for financing the project;

G. A statement of the need for the project in meeting present and future demands for service, how the project will satisfy these requirements, the alternatives considered, and a concise description of the estimated specific consequences if the project is not installed or if schedule slippage occurs;

H. Regarding the land for the project-----a description of the types of property conveyance and pertinent provisions, the extent and dates of any portions of the land privately acquired to date, and a brief description of any improvements which may have to be acquired for the project;

I. A list of local, state, or federal government agencies having requirements which must be met in connection with the construction or operation of the project, and a statement that the necessary approval has been obtained from each of these agencies or an explanation why the approvals have not been obtained at the date the application is filed;

J. A copy of every required franchise or a statement that no franchise is required;

K. A copy of the applicant's corporate charter;

L. A general description of the proposed route and the number of miles located in each county within the State;

M. The rights-of-way widths and acreage included in them;

N. The location and identification of conflicting aesthetic or historic sites, areas of environmental significance, or both, including wetlands as may be designated by the Department of Natural Resources;

O. The location and identification of aesthetic or historic sites, institutional lands, parks, recreational areas, and wildlife management areas from which the project would be clearly and permanently visible;

P. A summary of any studies which have been made of the environmental impact of the project, and the results of the studies as may be embodied in the project;

Q. The location and description of any historic or prehistoric archeological sites that are within the right-of-way for the oil pipeline or that may be on or near unimproved access roads or other roads built or improved for construction or maintenance of the oil pipeline;

R. A depiction on suitable topographic maps of the applicable information required by L-----Q of this regulation (the topographical maps shall have a scale of 1 to 24,000 or larger).