.01 Definitions.

A. In this subtitle, the following terms have the meanings indicated:

B. Terms Defined.

(1) "Aesthetic site" means a site whose aesthetic nature is of general public interest as officially recognized by a local, state, or federal government agency charged with the responsibility to oversee the protection of the environment.

(2) "Applicant" means the oil pipeline corporation making an application under the provisions of Public Utilities Article, §5-404, Annotated Code of Maryland, and this subtitle.

(3) "Archeological Site".

(a) "Archeological site" means a site or locality yielding artifacts, structural remains, or other evidence of occupation or use dating before 1900, and especially those before 1875.

(b) The site may be either prehistoric (Indian), historic (colonial, industrial, and so forth), or both.

(c) The designation of a site or locality having archeological interest as an archeological site will be made by the State Archeologist, Maryland Geological Survey, who will also act to coordinate subsequent field activities.

(4) "Commission" means the Public Service Commission of Maryland.

(5) "Construction Site".

(a) "Construction site" means a site having a portion or all of its real property within the proposed oil pipeline facility property acquisition.

(b) "Construction" includes any clearing of land, excavation, or other action that would affect the natural environment of the site or route of the oil pipeline facilities, but does not include changes needed for temporary use of sites or routes for non-pipeline purposes, or uses in securing geological or topographical data, including any necessary borings.

(6) "Cost" means the total estimated cost for the design, construction, and activation of the project, expressed in dollars for the year or years in which the expenditures are budgeted.

(7) "Historic site" means a site duly registered with the:

(a) Maryland Historic Trust;

(b) National Register of Historic Places;

(c) National Register of Natural Landmarks;

(d) National Trust for Historic Preservation; or

(e) Register of National Historic Landmarks.

(8) "Oil pipeline" means all fixed property and facilities used in the transportation of refined petroleum products.

(9) "Oil pipeline corporation" has the meaning stated in Public Utilities Article, §5-404(a)(2), Annotated Code of Maryland.

(10) "Project" means the proposed oil pipeline facility as defined in §B(8) of this regulation.