.03 Proceedings on the Application.

A. The Commission may hold hearings with any other state or local agency having jurisdiction to issue any permit, authority, or certificate that is required before construction or operation of a project can begin.

B. In order to ensure timely completion of the proceedings, the Commission may impose a schedule of procedural dates which is subject to change only for good cause shown.

C. Phased Proceeding Requests.

(1) The applicant may request that the construction of a generating station be reviewed by the Commission in phases.

(2) If a phased proceeding is requested and the request is granted by the Commission:

(a) An applicant may file a partial application; and

(b) The Commission may render separate findings of fact on any phase or issue within a phase.

(3) Findings of fact rendered by the Commission under this section are not subject to further litigation unless warranted by new substantive issues or changed circumstances.