.04 Application Filing Requirements.

Except for an application for exemption under Regulation .03, of this chapter, an application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the construction of a generating station or an overhead transmission line, or an application for modification to an existing electric generating station or transmission line, shall include the following information:

A. The name of the applicant;

B. The address of the principal business office of the applicant;

C. The name, title, and address of the person authorized to receive notices and communications with respect to the application;

D. The location or locations at which the public may inspect a copy of the application;

E. A list of each local, state, or federal government agency having authority to approve or disapprove the construction or operation of the project and containing a statement:

(1) Indicating whether the necessary approval from each agency has been obtained, with a copy of each approval or disapproval attached;

(2) If necessary approval has not been obtained, the reason why; and

(3) Indicating whether any waiver or variance has been granted or requested with a copy of each attached;

F. The information described under COMAR for transmission lines;

G. A general description of the generating station or generating station modification under COMAR, or the transmission line or the modification to an existing transmission line under COMAR and .03;

H. An implementation schedule for the project; and

I. The environmental information required under COMAR for generating stations or COMAR for transmission lines.