.07 Refusal to Serve Applicant.

A. Noncompliance with Regulations. A utility may decline to serve an applicant until he has complied with this subtitle, and any other applicable State or municipal regulations governing sewer service, and the rules of the utility on file with the Commission.

B. Utility's Facilities Inadequate. A utility may decline to serve an applicant if it does not have adequate facilities to render the service applied for, or if the intended use is of a character that is likely to adversely affect service to the other customers.

C. Applicant's Facilities Inadequate. The utility may refuse to serve an applicant if, in its judgment, the applicant's installation of sewer piping is regarded as hazardous or of such character that satisfactory service cannot be given.

D. Failure to Provide Deposit. The utility may refuse to serve an applicant or customer if he fails to provide the utility with a deposit as authorized in Regulation .03 of this chapter.

E. Failure to Comply with Service Conditions. A utility may refuse to serve an applicant until he furnishes such service equipment, permits, certificates, or rights-of-way, as shall have been specified by the utility as a condition to obtaining service, or if the equipment or permissions are withdrawn or terminated.

F. Utility's Discontinuance of Service. Considerations of health and sanitation require that sewer service should not be discontinued because of non-payment of service charges. The sewerage utility should make use of such legal remedies as may be available for the collection of delinquent accounts.

G. Applicant's Recourse. If the utility refuses to serve an applicant under the provisions of this regulation or any other regulation, the utility shall inform the applicant of the basis of its refusal, and the applicant may appeal to the Commission for a ruling.