.02 Information for Customers.

A. System Maps or Records. Each utility shall maintain up-to-date maps, plans, or records of its entire force main and collection systems, with such other information as may be necessary to enable the utility to advise prospective customers, and others entitled to the information, as to the facilities available for serving any locality.

B. Selecting Rate Schedule. Each utility shall assist the customer or prospective customer in selecting the most economical rate schedule.

C. Notifying Customers. Each utility shall notify customers affected by a change in rates or schedule classification.

D. Tariff Notice. Each utility shall post a notice in a conspicuous place in each office of the utility where applications for service are received, informing the public that a copy of its tariff, as filed with the Commission, is available for inspection.

E. Other Information. Each utility shall furnish such additional information as the customer may reasonably request.