.05 Restrictions on the Use of Water.

A. Restrictions on Outdoor Use. The utility may impose reasonable restrictions on the outdoor use of water during periods of shortage of supply, excessive demand, or other difficulty which jeopardizes the supply of water to any group of customers.

B. Restrictions on Large Use Customers. The utility may impose reasonable restrictions on the use of water by customers who use large quantities of water and thereby create conditions which prevent the company from supplying satisfactory service to that customer, or to other customers.

C. Notification. If a utility finds that it is necessary to restrict the use of water, it shall notify its customers, and give the Commission written notice, before the restriction becomes effective. The notifications shall specify:

(1) The reason for the restriction;

(2) The nature and extent of the restriction (for example, on outdoor use of water, use by certain classes of customers, and so on);

(3) The date the restriction is to go into effect; and

(4) The probable date of termination of the restriction.