.04 Interruption of Service.

A. Endeavor to Avoid Interruptions. Each utility shall make reasonable efforts to avoid interruptions of service but when interruptions occur, service shall be re-established within the shortest time practicable, that is consistent with safety.

B. Notification to Commission. Each utility shall notify the Commission by telephone or telegraph of any interruption to the service of a major portion of its distribution system when the interruption lasts for more than 6 hours.

C. Notification to Public Officials. If an interruption affects the service to any public fire protection device, the utility shall immediately notify the public official responsible for fire protection.

D. Standby Pumping Equipment. When the system pressure is provided through mechanical means, emergency standby pumping equipment or other adequate facilities shall be available to maintain pressure in the mains in the event of a failure of the primary pumping facilities.

E. Planned Interruptions. Planned interruptions shall be made at a time that will not cause unreasonable inconvenience to customers and shall be preceded, if feasible, by adequate notice to those who will be affected.

F. Record of Interruptions. Each utility shall keep records of interruptions of service on its system and shall make an analysis of the records for the purpose of determining steps to be taken to prevent recurrence of the interruptions. The records should include the following information concerning the interruptions:

(1) Cause;

(2) Date and time; and

(3) Duration.