.03 Pressure Surveys and Records.

A. Pressure Gauge. Each utility having more than 100 customers shall have at least one portable recording pressure gauge.

B. Point of Measurement. Pressure measurements should be made at the customer's service connection. If no outlet is available at this point, the measurement may be made at the nearest available outlet, making due allowance for any pressure differential between the point of customer's service connection (usually the curb or property line) and the point of measurement.

C. Survey by Utility. Each utility shall make a sufficient number of pressure measurements in order to determine if pressures throughout the system are in compliance with the requirements of Regulation .02 of this chapter.

D. Survey Records. Pressure records obtained under C of this regulation shall be retained by the utility for at least 2 years and shall be available for inspection by the Commission's representatives at all times. Notation of each pressure record shall indicate the following:

(1) The location where the pressure was taken; and

(2) The time and date of the test.