.01 Quality of Water.

A. General. Each utility shall provide water that is potable, and, insofar as practicable, free from objectionable odors, taste, color, and turbidity. Each utility shall have a permit as required by the health laws of the State, and shall comply with the laws and regulations of the Department of the Environment and local departments of health.

B. Water Supply. The source of supply shall be:

(1) Free from pollution, unless the water is subsequently purified by treatment;

(2) Reasonably adequate to provide a continuous supply of water; and

(3) Of such quality as to meet the standards of the Department of the Environment.

C. Operation of Supply System.

(1) Free of Sanitary Defects. The water supply system, including the source of supply plant, pumping plant, water treatment plant, transmission plant, and distribution plant, shall be free from sanitary defects.

(2) Cross Connections Restricted. Any physical connection between the distribution system of a public water supply and that of any other water supply shall comply with the regulations of the Department of the Environment.

(3) Disinfection of Facilities. All new mains, pumps, tanks, wells, and other facilities for handling potable water, and insofar as practicable, repaired mains and other facilities, shall be thoroughly disinfected before being connected to the system. The method of disinfection shall be as approved by the Department of the Environment.

D. Testing of Water. Each utility shall cooperate with the Department of the Environment in the conduct of its water quality sampling program.