.09 Insufficient Reasons for Denial of Service.

A. The following may not constitute sufficient cause for refusal of service to a present or prospective customer:

(1) Failure of a prior customer to pay for service at the premises to be served;

(2) Failure to pay for merchandise purchased from the utility;

(3) Failure to pay for a public utility service other than water service;

(4) Failure to pay for a different class of service;

(5) Failure to pay the bill of another customer as guarantor of the customer;

(6) Failure to pay the undercharge for the period in excess of 4 months as described in Regulation .06E of this chapter; or

(7) Failure to pay an outstanding bill that is over 7 years old, unless the:

(a) Customer signed an agreement to pay the outstanding bill before the expiration of this period;

(b) Outstanding bill is for service obtained by the customer by means of tampering with equipment furnished and owned by the utility or by unauthorized use of service by any method; or

(c) Outstanding bill is for service obtained by the customer by means of an application made:

(i) In a fictitious name,

(ii) In the name of an individual who is not an occupant of the dwelling unit, without disclosure of the individual's actual address,

(iii) In the name of a third party without disclosing that fact or without bona fide authority from the third party, or

(iv) Without disclosure of a material fact or by misrepresentation of a material fact.

B. This regulation applies to both residential and nonresidential classes of service.