.08 Denial of Service Requiring Notice.

A. The utility may deny service for any of the following reasons provided it has notified the customer of its intent to deny service and has allowed the customer a reasonable time in which to remove the cause for denial:

(1) Non-Compliance with Regulations. For violation of or non-compliance with this subtitle, or for violation of or non-compliance with the utility's rules on file with the Commission.

(2) Failure on Contractual Obligations. For failure of the customer to fulfill his contractual obligations for service or facilities subject to regulation by the Commission.

(3) Refusal of Access. For failure of the customer to permit the utility to have reasonable access to its equipment.

(4) Non-Payment of Bill. For non-payment of a bill for service, provided that the utility has made a reasonable attempt to effect collection and has given the customer written notice that he has at least 5 days, excluding Sundays and holidays, in which to make settlement on his account or have his service denied. Except in cases where a prior attempt to gain access has been unsuccessful or where a prior promise to pay has not been kept, the utility may not deny service on the day preceding any day on which it is not prepared to accept payment of the amount due and to reconnect service.

(5) Failure to Provide Deposit. For failure of the customer to provide the utility with a deposit as authorized in Regulation .03 of this chapter.

(6) Failure to Comply with Service Conditions. For failure of the customer to furnish any service equipment, permits, certificates, or rights-of-way, as shall have been specified by the utility as a condition to obtaining service, or if the equipment or permissions are withdrawn or terminated.

(7) Waste of Water. For willful waste of water by the customer.

(8) Restrictions on Use of Water. For failure of the customer to comply with reasonable restrictions on the use of water, as imposed under COMAR, provided that notice has been given to the customer and that written notice has been furnished to the Commission.

B. When water has been turned off for any of the reasons specified in this regulation, a charge may be made for restoring service. This reconnection charge may not exceed $2 for restoring service to a residential or commercial customer, unless the utility has filed a different charge with the Commission.