.07 Denial of Service Without Notice.

A. The utility may discontinue service without notice for any of the following reasons, and service may not be restored until the cause for the disconnection has been corrected:

(1) Hazardous Condition. For a condition on the customer's premises determined by the utility to be hazardous.

(2) Adverse Effect on Service. Customer's use of equipment in such a manner as to adversely affect the utility's equipment or the utility's service to others.

(3) Tampering with Utility Property. Customer's tampering with equipment furnished and owned by the utility.

(4) Unauthorized Use of Service. Customer's unauthorized use of service by any method, including diversion of water around a meter.

B. A reasonable charge may be made for restoring service disconnected under this regulation, and customers who have been disconnected for unauthorized use of water or for damaging the utility's equipment may be charged the actual cost of reconnecting the service.