.04 Information to be Filed With the Commission.

A. Special Contracts. Each utility shall file with the Commission a copy of each contract for service not covered by the utility's filed tariff.

B. Installation Rules. Each utility shall file with the Commission a copy of the utility's rules, if any, designed by the utility for the use of engineers, architects, contractors, etc., covering service installations.

C. Bill Forms. Each utility shall file with the Commission a sample of each type of customer bill form, which shall include the information normally shown on a customer's bill for service.

D. Map of System. Each utility shall file with the Commission a map showing the utility's water system. This map shall be revised annually unless no revision is necessary, to reflect a material change in the items listed below. The map on file should reflect the current status of the following items:

(1) Location of pumping stations, treatment plants, and sources of supply;

(2) Storage facilities;

(3) Mains by size;

(4) Location of valves and fire hydrants;

(5) Service area;

(6) Names of all communities (post offices) served.

E. Persons to Contact. Each utility shall file with the Commission the name, title, address, and telephone number of the person who should be contacted in connection with the following areas of operation, and shall notify the Commission promptly of any changes:

(1) Management;

(2) Customer relations (complaints);

(3) Engineering;

(4) Meter tests and repairs; and

(5) Emergencies during non-office hours.

F. Fatal Accident Notice. In the event of a fatal accident, prompt notice shall be given to the Commission by telephone.

G. Accident Notice. Each utility shall file with the Commission an "Accident Notice" report, on forms provided by the Commission, within 30 days after the end of any month during which an accident occurred.

H. Construction Reports. Each utility shall file with the Commission a notification of all proposed important additions to plant, the construction of which was started by the utility during the preceding month. For the purpose of this regulation, an important addition to plant means a single project involving the expenditure of at least $50,000, or an amount equivalent to at least 10 percent of the total water plant in service, whichever is less. The notification shall be submitted, in duplicate, on forms supplied by the Commission. One copy will be numbered for identification and returned to the utility to be completed and returned to the Commission when the construction of the project has been completed to the extent that the facility was placed in operation during the preceding month.

I. Location of Records. Each utility shall notify the Commission of the location at which it keeps the various classes of records required by these regulations.