.06 Service Pipe.

A. Utility's Service Pipe. The utility shall furnish, install, and maintain the following:

(1) Corporation stop;

(2) Service pipe from main to curb stop or outlet of outdoor meter setting;

(3) Curb stop; and

(4) Curb box.

B. Curb Stop. Curb stops are for the exclusive use of the utility for control of the water supply to individual customers and should not be located on the customer's property. The control of the water supply by the customer shall be by means of a separate valve, located just inside the building wall.

C. Customer's Service Pipe. The customer shall be responsible for furnishing, installing, and maintaining the service pipe from the curb stop or outlet of outdoor meter setting to the place of consumption on his premises.

D. Construction Standards. The service pipe shall be constructed of approved materials and shall be installed and maintained in accordance with accepted good practice and in conformance with applicable codes or governmental regulations.

E. Cover and Size. All service pipes should be installed below the frost line or be otherwise protected to minimize the possibility of freezing and shall have at least 3 feet of cover. All service pipes shall be at least 3/4 inch inside diameter.

F. Proximity to Sewer Pipe. A water service pipe may not be laid in the same trench with sewer pipe.

G. Valve Required. Every service pipe shall be provided with a valve and waste cock on the inside of the foundation wall adjacent to the location where the pipe passes through it, easily accessible, and fully protected from freezing. All pipes in the building shall be laid in such a way that they can be fully drained by the waste cock.

H. Inspection. If a governmental agency requires an inspection of the customer's plumbing then the utility may not connect the service until it receives a notice from the inspecting agency certifying that the customer's plumbing is satisfactory.