.19 Door-to-Door Sales.

A. A subscriber organization and its agents shall comply with the Maryland Door-to-Door Sales Act, local government ordinances regarding door-to-door marketing and sales activities, and any other applicable consumer protection law.

B. A subscriber organizationís agent shall:

(1) Prominently display an identification badge; and

(2) Offer a business card or other material that lists:

(a) The subscriber organizationís name and contact information, including telephone number;

(b) The Maryland approval number of the subscriber organizationís CSEGS project; and

(c) The agentís name and any other identification numbers provided to the sales agent by the subscriber organization or agent.

C. A subscriber organization shall establish a policy that requires an agent to terminate contact with a customer if the customer is incapable of understanding and responding to the information being conveyed by the agent.

D. When an agent completes a transaction with a customer, the agent shall provide a copy of each document that the customer signed or initialed relating to the transaction. A copy of these documents shall be provided to the customer before the agent and the customer leave each otherís presence.

E. An agent shall immediately leave a residence when requested to do so by a customer or the owner or an occupant of the premises, or if the customer does not express an interest in what the agent is attempting to sell.