.18 Agent Identification and Misrepresentation.

A. A subscriber organization shall issue an identification badge to agents to be worn and prominently displayed when conducting door-to-door activities or appearing at public events on behalf of a subscriber organization. The badge shall:

(1) Accurately identify the subscriber organization, its trade name, and its logo;

(2) Display the agentís photograph;

(3) Display the agentís full name; and

(4) Display a customer service phone number for the subscriber organization.

B. Upon first contact with a customer, an agent shall:

(1) Identify the subscriber organization that he represents; and

(2) State that he is not working for and is independent of the customerís local distribution company or another subscriber organization.

C. When conducting door-to-door activities or appearing at a public event, an agent may not wear apparel or accessories or carry equipment that contains branding elements, including a logo that suggests a relationship that does not exist with a utility, government agency, or another subscriber organization.

D. A subscriber organization may not use the name, bills, marketing materials, or consumer education materials of another.

E. A subscriber organization or subscriber organization agent may not say or suggest to a customer that a utility customer is required to choose a CSEGS subscriber organization.