.12 Notice of Contract Expiration or Cancellation.

A. A CSEGS subscriber organization shall provide the customer with notice at least 30 days before expiration or cancellation of a subscription contract.

B. Contents of Notice. The subscriber organization’s expiration or cancellation notice required under §A of this regulation shall include:

(1) Final bill payment instructions; and

(2) The toll-free telephone number and the website address of the subscriber organization and the Commission.

C. Early Cancellation.

(1) Notice of early cancellation by the subscriber organization shall comply with §B of this regulation.

(2) Early Cancellation Fee.

(a) A subscriber organization may impose a reasonable early cancellation fee if a customer cancels the contract before the expiration date.

(b) A subscriber organization may deduct a cancellation fee from a customer deposit.

(3) Except as provided in a tariff regarding subscriber organization default, an electric company may remove a customer from subscriber organization services only if directed by a subscriber organization, subject to applicable bankruptcy law.

(4) When a subscriber organization contracts with a customer, the newly contracting subscriber organization shall notify the customer that the customer may incur early cancellation penalties under a current subscriber organization contract.