.07 Required Disclosures.

A. Contract Summary.

(1) Either prior to or at the same time as a contract for a subscription to a CSEGS is executed, a subscriber organization shall present the customer with a completed Contract Summary Disclosure using a form that is approved by the Commission.

(2) The customer shall initial a copy of the Contract Summary Disclosure to acknowledge receipt of the Contract Summary, and:

(a) If a subscription contract is completed through the Internet, the completed Contract Summary shall be:

(i) Available online and made available for download by the customer at the time of contracting; and

(ii) Transmitted to the customer by the subscriber organization by mail or by email if the customer consents to receipt of email disclosures; and

(b) Whether a subscription contract is completed in person or electronically, a subscriber organization shall allow the subscriber to retain a signed version of the executed contract and an initialed version of the Contract Summary Disclosure form.

B. Notice of Subscription.

(1) A subscriber organization shall provide notice of subscription of a customer to a utility in a format consistent with Commission Orders.

(2) A customer entering into an agreement with a subscriber organization shall receive written notice of enrollment from the subscriber organization and the electric company.

(3) Notice of enrollment under §B(1) of this regulation shall include the following:

(a) Customer name;

(b) Customer service address;

(c) Billing name;

(d) Billing address;

(e) Utility name;

(f) Utility account number;

(g) Subscriber organization name;

(h) Subscriber organization account number; and

(i) Effective date of the enrollment.