.03 Subscriber Organization Data.

A. A subscriber organization shall maintain for the duration of the pilot program, the following information for each project operating during the pilot program:

(1) Ownership information;

(2) Technical and managerial expertise;

(3) Business address;

(4) Project design details, including:

(a) Project location/service territory;

(b) A/C output capacity;

(c) Equipment list; and

(d) Interconnection requirements;

(5) Subscriber data as directed by the Commission, including:

(a) Household income;

(b) Credit rating; and

(c) Other data; and

(6) Subscription information, including:

(a) Rates;

(b) Fees; and

(c) Terms and conditions.

B. A subscriber organization shall provide the information in §A of this regulation to the Commission upon request.

C. A subscriber organization shall provide to the Commission, in a timely manner, information requested by the Commission concerning the operation of a community solar energy generating system.