.02 Utility Data.

A. An electric company shall make reasonable attempts to assist pilot program applicants with identifying means to locate and operate community energy generation facilities in a manner that minimizes adverse effects or maximizes distribution system benefits at locations identified by applicants.

B. Project Information.

(1) A utility shall designate a contact person, and provide contact information on its website and for the Commissionís website for submission of all project application requests, and from whom information on the project application request process and the utilityís electric distribution system can be obtained.

(2) The information provided by the utility on its website shall include studies and other materials useful to an understanding of the feasibility of interconnecting a CSEGS on the utility electric distribution system, except to the extent providing the materials would violate security requirements or confidentiality agreements or be contrary to law.

(3) In appropriate circumstances, the utility may require an applicant to execute an appropriate confidentiality agreement prior to release or access to confidential or restricted information.

C. An electric company shall monitor and review its distribution system to determine any adverse or beneficial effects resulting from each installed community solar energy generating system.

D. An electric company shall maintain for the duration of the pilot, the following customer information for each project operating during the pilot subscriber data, including:

(1) Customer class;

(2) Annual usage;

(3) Average bill; and

(4) Peak demand.

E. Commission Staff shall report annually on electric companiesí billing accuracy, interconnection complaints, and consumer complaints related to the program.