.08 Project Location.

A. Colocation.

(1) An electric company may not accept a CSEGS project of 500 kW or greater that is proposed to be located on the same or adjacent property as an existing or proposed CSEGS project owned by the same subscriber organization or affiliate of 500 kW or greater in its service territory.

(2) Parcels that are subdivided after May 12, 2015, shall be considered as a single parcel for the purposes of these regulations unless a subscriber organization demonstrates to the Commission that the subdivision was not for the purposes of program queue eligibility.

(3) An electric company shall notify the Commission of a CSEGS application that is proposed to be constructed within 1 mile of an existing solar facility in its service territory.

(4) One or more subscriber organizations may not construct multiple facilities on a single parcel of property.

B. Projects that are constructed in the following locations are exempt from §A of this regulation:

(1) On the rooftops of buildings;

(2) In areas that are zoned for industrial use and are covered by a recorded subdivision plat;

(3) Of a combined capacity not exceeding 6 MW on brownfield locations;

(4) Over parking lots or roadways; or,

(5) On multi-level parking structures.

C. A project that is converted from an existing solar facility is not subject to §A of this regulation.