.04 Pilot Program Queue.

A. Electric Company Application Process.

(1) An electric company shall process applications filed under Regulation .03 of this chapter in the order in which the electric company receives the application.

(2) Within 5 business days of receipt, the electric company shall acknowledge receipt of the application and notify the subscriber organization whether the application is complete.

(3) If the application is incomplete, the electric company shall provide a written list detailing all information that must be provided to complete the application.

(4) A subscriber organization receiving notice of an incomplete application as described in §A(3) of this regulation shall revise and submit the required information within 10 business days after receipt of the list of incomplete information.

(5) The electric company shall notify a subscriber organization within 5 business days of receipt of a revised application whether the application is complete or incomplete.

(6) An electric company shall grant an extension of time to provide such information upon reasonable request from the subscriber organization.

(7) The electric company shall reject an application that is not submitted in accordance with this section.

B. Pilot Queue Order.

(1) An electric company shall maintain a pilot program queue consisting of a list of pilot project applications in order of the date of receipt by the electric company of the application unless otherwise modified by §B(2) of this regulation.

(2) An electric company shall file with the Commission, a tariffed procedure to prioritize multiple applications that are received:

(a) On a single business day; or

(b) In a manner that exceeds the available program capacity or category capacity in a short period of time.

(3) In order to apply for capacity in an electric company’s pilot program queue, a CSEGS shall provide the following to the electric company upon application:

(a) An executed interconnection agreement;

(b) Proof of application for all applicable permits; and

(c) Proof of site control.

(4) An electric company shall accept the following as proof of site control:

(a) Evidence of property ownership;

(b) An executed lease agreement; or

(c) A signed option to purchase or lease.

(5) The Commission may establish additional conditions limiting the number of projects for which any single subscriber organization or its affiliates may apply in:

(a) The Statewide program; or

(b) A single utility service territory.

C. Operation Deadline.

(1) If a project fails to begin operating within 12 months of submission of a completed application by the subscriber organization, the electric company shall remove the project from the electric company’s pilot program queue unless the subscriber organization of the project provides to the electric company an additional deposit of $50 per kW to maintain its position within the pilot program queue.

(2) If a project fails to begin operating within 18 months of application, the electric company shall remove the project from the electric company’s pilot program queue.

(3) The electric company shall extend the operation deadline on a day-for-day basis for the following reasons:

(a) If the subscriber organization attests and provides evidence to the electric company that a project’s readiness to begin operating depends only upon receipt of permission to operate from the electric company; or

(b) If the subscriber organization attests and provides evidence to the electric company that a governmental permit or approval for the project was subject to a legal challenge during the reservation period, and the legal challenge remains pending.

(4) Projects in the LMI category are exempt from queue deposits.

(5) An electric company shall return the CSEGS deposit upon commencement of operation unless the electric company has removed the project from the queue.

(6) If a project has been removed from the queue by the electric company, the queue deposit shall be forfeited.

(7) An electric company shall forward forfeited queue deposits to the Commission.

D. An electric company shall provide daily updated information on its website about the current status of its pilot program queue including the following information:

(1) Name of the applicant;

(2) Service address of the project;

(3) Inverter nameplate capacity of the project;

(4) Application date;

(5) Interconnection application status;

(6) Expected date of first operation;

(7) Project identification number;

(8) CSEGS identification number; and

(9) Remaining available capacity by year in each program category.

E. If the electric company closes its pilot program queue, it shall state the reason for closing in the same location as the information provided in §D of this regulation.

F. An electric company that operates as a subscriber organization shall apply to the Commission for permission to enter each of its own projects into the electric company’s pilot program queue.