.03 Pilot Project Application Process.

A. An applicant that has been granted admission to the pilot program by the Commission that wishes to construct and operate a community solar energy generating system under this pilot program shall apply to the electric company serving the location of the system.

B. Project Application Procedure.

(1) An electric company shall establish a project application procedure in compliance with these regulations and Commission Orders.

(2) An electric company shall develop its project application procedure in a manner designed to encourage achievement of program goals, timely project development, and equitable allocation of the electric company’s project capacity.

(3) An electric company shall develop tariffed terms and conditions to administer the pilot program queue for filing with the Commission.

C. An electric company shall assign each project an identification number unique to the electric company’s service territory for the purpose of identification.

D. Low and Moderate Income Verification.

(1) The Commission may establish alternate means aside from income verification or participation in the Maryland Office of Home Energy Programs’ assistance programs to verify the status of Low and Moderate Income subscribers.

(2) An operator of a low-income multi-family dwelling unit may apply to the Commission to qualify as a low-income subscriber for the purposes of the pilot program.

(3) A subscriber organization shall certify to the electric company in writing that the subscriber organization has verified the eligibility of all LMI subscribers needed to qualify for the program prior to receiving permission to operate from the electric company.