.04 Subscription Credits.

A. Subscriber List.

(1) A subscriber organization shall provide the electric company with a document indicating the proportion of a community solar energy generating system’s output that shall be applied to each subscriber’s bill.

(2) A subscriber organization shall provide at least monthly subscriber list updates to the electric company.

(3) An electric company shall apply credits using the most recently updated subscriber list provided by the subscriber organization.

B. An electric company shall determine the amount of kilowatt hours to be credited to each subscriber by multiplying the subscriber’s most recent generation proportion from §A of this regulation by the metered output of the community solar energy generating system.

C. Application of Subscription Credits.

(1) Unless otherwise directed by the Commission, an electric company may choose to apply the appropriate kilowatt-hour credit from §B of this regulation to each subscriber’s bill as either a reduction in metered kilowatt-hour use or a dollar credit to the subscriber’s billed amount.

(2) An electric company shall choose the same method for all subscribers in a project.

D. If the electric company chooses to apply the credit from §C of this regulation as a dollar amount, the electric company shall apply a credit no less than the value to the subscriber of the credit had it been applied to the subscriber’s bill as a reduction in metered kilowatt hours.

E. An electric company shall retain a record of a pilot project’s kilowatt hours applied to each subscriber’s account for a period of 7 years.

F. Subscription credits shall carry over to the next month’s bill until the earlier date on which:

(1) The subscriber’s account is closed; or

(2) The subscriber’s last meter reading prior to the month of April.

G. Subscriber credits that are not carried over under §F of this regulation shall be handled as excess generation.