.01 General Provisions.

A. The Administration shall administer the Fund.

B. Eligibility Criteria for Projects Supported by the Fund.

(1) Except under B(3) of this regulation, a project supported by the Fund shall be designed to support the creation of new Tier 1 renewable energy sources in Maryland.

(2) Additional project evaluation criteria may include the following:

(a) Technical feasibility of the project;

(b) Technical capabilities and experience of the developer;

(c) Financial capabilities of the developer;

(d) Environmental impacts resulting from the construction and operation of the project;

(e) Socioeconomic impacts associated with the construction and operation of the project;

(f) Fuel diversity added to the portfolio of projects supported by the Fund as a whole;

(g) Economic feasibility of the project;

(h) Economic benefits to Maryland; and

(i) Other evaluation criteria as may be appropriate.

(3) Monies in the Fund derived from compliance fees collected from a shortfall in meeting the required Tier 1 solar renewable energy portfolio standard under Public Utilities Article, 7-705, Annotated Code of Maryland, shall only be designated to support the creation of Level 1 and Level 2 solar renewable energy facilities.