.03 Agent Training.

A. A supplier shall ensure the training of its agents on the following subjects:

(1) Local, State, and federal laws and regulations that govern marketing, telemarketing, consumer protection and door-to-door sales as applicable to the types of marketing and jurisdiction in which the agent shall engage or operate;

(2) Responsible and ethical sales practices;

(3) The supplierís products and services;

(4) The supplierís rates, rate structures and payment options;

(5) The customerís right to rescind and cancel contracts;

(6) The applicability of an early termination fee for contract cancellation when the supplier has one;

(7) The necessity of adhering to the script and knowledge of the contents of the script if one is used;

(8) The proper completion of transaction documents;

(9) The supplierís Contract Summary;

(10) Terms and definitions related to energy supply, transmission and distribution service as found online at the Commissionís website;

(11) Information about how customers may contact the supplier to obtain information about billing, disputes and complaints; and

(12) The confidentiality and protection of customer information.

B. A supplier shall document the training of an agent and maintain a record of the training for 3 years from the date the training was completed.

C. A supplier shall make training materials and training records available to the Commission and the Office of Peopleís Counsel upon request. Any such material shall be treated as confidential.

D. When a supplier contracts with an independent contractor or vendor to perform marketing or sales activities on the supplierís behalf, the supplier shall confirm that the contractor or vendor has provided supplier-approved training to agents and independent contractors in accordance with this section.

E. The supplier shall monitor telephonic and door-to-door marketing and sales calls to:

(1) Evaluate the supplierís training program.

(2) Ensure that agents are providing accurate and complete information, complying with applicable rules and regulations and providing courteous service to customers.