.09 Customer Disclosure.

A. Price Information.

(1) A supplier’s price for service shall include, but not be limited to, all fixed and variable components.

(2) When a gas supplier compares the supplier's price to the price a customer would pay for utility gas commodity service, the gas commodity service price is the sales service price offered in the gas utility territory where the supplier's service is to be provided.

B. Notice of Enrollment.

(1) A gas supplier shall provide notice of enrollment of a customer to a utility in a format consistent with the Commission-accepted gas utility supplier coordination agreement or tariff, as applicable.

(2) A supplier and the utility shall provide written notice of enrollment to a customer entering into an agreement with the supplier on the next business day following the supplier's receipt of the utility's enrollment response.

(3) Notice of enrollment under §B(1) of this regulation shall include the following:

(a) Customer name;

(b) Customer service address;

(c) Billing name;

(d) Billing address;

(e) Utility name;

(f) Utility account number;

(g) Supplier name;

(h) Supplier identifier;

(i) Commodity provided; and

(j) Effective date of the enrollment.