.06 Cancellation of Supply Service.

A. Except as provided under §D of this regulation or in a tariff regarding supplier default, a utility may remove a customer from supplier services only if directed by a supplier, subject to applicable bankruptcy law.

B. A supplier shall process a customer's request to cancel supply services not later than the end of the second utility business day after the customer's cancellation request.

C. A supplier shall notify the customer's utility of a drop by electronic transaction within the time period specified in §B of this regulation.

D. Customer Cancellation.

(1) After the third utility business day following a customer request for a supplier to cancel supply service, the customer may contact the utility to verify that the cancellation request submitted by the supplier has been processed by the utility.

(2) If a customer's cancellation request has not been processed by the customer's utility, and the customer requests cancellation of supplier service, the utility shall process a cancellation.