.05 Notice of Enrollment.

A. Form and Presentation.

(1) A supplier and the utility shall provide written notice of enrollment to a customer entering into a service agreement with the supplier on the next business day following the supplier's receipt of the utility's enrollment response.

(2) A supplier's presentation of a signed copy of the customer's contract at any time before enrollment shall constitute sufficient written notice of enrollment to the customer.

B. Enrollment Notice Content.

(1) A gas supplier shall provide notice of enrollment of a customer to a utility in a format consistent with the Commission-accepted gas utility supplier coordination agreement.

(2) Notice of enrollment under §B(1) of this regulation shall include the following:

(a) Customer account name;

(b) Customer service address;

(c) Billing name;

(d) Billing address;

(e) Utility name;

(f) Utility account number;

(g) Supplier name;

(h) Supplier identifier;

(i) Commodity provided; and

(j) Effective date of the enrollment.