.04 Reportable Accident Testing.

A. Testing.

(1) After a reportable accident, an operator shall test all piping directly associated with the accident or which may have contributed to the accident, unless evidence clearly indicates the cause and origin of the accident.

(2) As early as possible, an operator shall properly tag and secure for examination or testing all pipeline components which may have contributed to the accident.

(3) If appropriate, the Commission or the operator may select a sample of the failed pipeline facility or equipment for laboratory examination.

B. Results Reported.

(1) An operator shall report the results of a test under §A of this regulation to the Division within 10 days of the completion of the test, or as soon as possible.

(2) Test results under §A(1) of this regulation shall include the:

(a) Time and date of the test;

(b) Specific location of the pipeline or pipeline section tested, including a suitable map of the pipeline route;

(c) Results; and

(d) Name of the person responsible for testing.