.04 General Requirements.

A. Required Information. Each operator shall file with the Commission the following information in writing:

(1) The location of each hazardous liquid pipeline facility;

(2) The name, address, and telephone number of the person responsible for each hazardous liquid pipeline facility;

(3) A complete set of "as built" plans and maps of the pipeline facility; and

(4) A copy of:

(a) The procedural manual for operation, maintenance, emergencies, and operator qualification required under 49 CFR 195; and

(b) Revisions to the manual at the time they are incorporated.

B. Notice of Heated Fuel Oil Pumping. As soon as practicable, an operator shall give advanced notice to the Commission's designated safety engineer of the start of pumping operations involving heated fuel oil.

C. Construction Notice. An operator shall provide written notice to the Commission, at least 30 days or as soon as practicable before commencement of construction, a description of any significant change, repair, or replacement to the pipeline system.

D. Breakout Tank Notice.

(1) If a breakout tank is removed from service for maintenance required under 49 CFR Part 195, an operator shall notify the Commission 30 days before the removal.

(2) If removal of a breakout tank is not covered by §D(1) of this regulation, an operator shall notify the Commission as soon as practicable.