.04 Reportable Incident Testing.

A. Testing.

(1) After a reportable incident, a gas company or gas master meter operator shall conduct the following minimum tests:

(a) The perimeter of the area involved in the incident shall be leak surveyed using a subsurface gas detection survey as prescribed in the GPTC Guide For Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems 1990-91, Volume One, Guide Material Appendix G-11 or G-11A, which is incorporated by reference in COMAR; and

(b) All piping directly associated with the incident, or which may have contributed to the incident, shall be pressure tested, unless evidence clearly indicates the cause and origin of the incident.

(2) A gas regulator or meter serving a structure involved in the incident shall be properly tagged and stored in a secured area for testing at the earliest practical time.

(3) When appropriate, a sample of the failed facility or equipment shall be selected for laboratory examination.

B. Results Reported.

(1) A gas company or gas master meter operator shall report the results of any test under §A of this regulation to the Division within 10 days of the completion of the test.

(2) Test results under §A(1) of this regulation shall include at a minimum the:

(a) Time and date of the test;

(b) Specific location of the pipeline or pipeline section tested, including a suitable map of the route of the pipeline;

(c) Results; and

(d) Name of the person responsible for testing.