.09 Records and Reports.

A. Each owner of a LPG system shall maintain records and provide reports to the Commission as required by this regulation.

B. Fatal Accidents.

(1) In the event of a fatal accident, an owner shall promptly notify the Commission of the fatal accident by telephone.

(2) A written report shall be submitted to the Commission within 20 days of the date of the incident resulting in the fatal accident reported under §B(1) of this regulation.

C. Leaks in pipes or tanks that are hazardous to the public shall be reported immediately to the local central fire department communications center and to the Commission.

D. Each owner shall submit to the Commission, on a quarterly basis, reports summarizing the leaks discovered, leak calls made pursuant to §C of this regulation, and the owner's responses to these events.

E. All reports required to be filed with the United States Department of Transportation by 49 CFR 191 and 192 shall also be filed with the Commission.

F. The Commission may require additional reports to be submitted to it by owners of LPG systems.

G. Construction Notices.

(1) An owner shall notify the Commission in writing at least 10 days before the estimated start date of a major construction project.

(2) A major construction project includes:

(a) A new pressure-regulating station;

(b) A significant modification to gas supply equipment at an existing pressure-regulating station;

(c) A new propane plant;

(d) A significant modification to process equipment at an existing propane plant; or

(e) A new pipeline installation of 500 or more feet.

(3) The notification required by this regulation shall be on a form provided by the Commission.