.01 Meter Shop.

A. Meter Shop. Each utility shall maintain or designate a meter shop for the purpose of inspecting, testing, and repairing meters. The shop shall be open for inspection by authorized representatives of the Commission at all reasonable times, and the facilities and equipment, as well as the methods of making the measurements and tests employed, shall be subject to the approval of the Commission.

B. Temperature Control. The area within the meter shop used for the testing of meters shall be designed so that the meters and meter testing equipment are protected from drafts and excessive changes of temperature. The meter shop shall be air-conditioned, if necessary, in order to achieve satisfactory temperature control.

C. Meter Storage. Unless the proving equipment corrects for temperature differences, the meters to be tested shall be stored in such manner that, at the time of the test, the temperature of the meters is substantially the same as the temperature of the prover.