.01-1 Application for Service.

A. A utility may accept either written or verbal applications for service. Each verbal application for service shall be promptly confirmed in writing by the utility. A utility may require an applicant to sign and return a copy of the written confirmation. The application shall include the:

(1) Name, address, home and work telephone numbers, and employer of the customer of record;

(2) Address of the premises for which gas service is requested;

(3) Mailing address and telephone numbers of the customer of record if he is not an occupant of the premises for which service is requested; and

(4) Customer of record's former gas service address and the date customer moved, if applicable.

B. A utility may require an applicant to sign and return a copy of the written confirmation before providing service.

C. Upon request of the applicant, a gas utility shall accept more than one individual customer name on applications for service. All persons named on an account shall be customers of record.

D. When the name of the person applying for service is different from the name of the applicant, when more than one name is to be on an account, or when there is a reasonable basis for questioning the authority of a person requesting service in the name of the applicant, the utility may request that the applicant or applicants appear at the utility's designated office, present satisfactory identification, and execute a written application for service.

E. Customer Identification. A utility may require a customer to provide a written, signed statement attesting to an order, decree, or agreement formalizing a name change, but may not request a copy of the actual order, divorce decree, or separation agreement.