.03 Availability of Records.

A. Records. A utility or gas master meter operator shall make available to the Commission or its authorized representative all records required by these regulations or necessary for the administration of these regulations.

B. Location of Pipeline. The utility or gas master meter operator shall:

(1) Record and retain records indicating the location of all pipelines which it owns so that the records are as accurate as reasonably practicable;

(2) Update the records so that all pipelines are included within 6 months of being placed in service; and

(3) Make the information available, upon reasonable request, to:

(a) Contractors,

(b) Other utilities,

(c) Governmental agencies, or

(d) Other interested persons.

C. Pipeline Location Services. A utility shall make available suitable equipment and personnel to provide pipeline location services upon reasonable request of interested persons, in compliance with Public Utilities Article, Title 12, Subtitle 1, Annotated Code of Maryland.