.02 Application of Regulations.

A. Application. These regulations apply to a gas utility or gas master meter operator operating within the State, under the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission.

B. Purpose. These regulations are intended to promote safe and adequate service to the public, to provide standards for uniform and reasonable practices, and to outline the responsibility of the public in requesting and receiving service from a utility.

C. Exemption. If unreasonable hardship to a utility, gas master meter operator, or to a customer results from the application of any of these regulations, application may be made to the Commission for the modification of the regulation or for temporary or permanent exemption from its requirements.

D. Modification. The adoption of these regulations does not preclude the Commission from altering or amending them, or from making such modifications with respect to their application as may be found necessary to meet exceptional conditions.

E. Duties Under Other Statutes. These regulations do not relieve any utility from any of its duties under the laws of this State.