.06 License Revocation or Suspension.

The Commission may revoke or suspend a license, if a licensee:

A. Intentionally provides false information;

B. Switches, or causes to be switched, the gas supply for a customer without first obtaining the customer's permission;

C. Fails to provide gas for its customers;

D. Commits fraud or engages in deceptive practices;

E. Fails to maintain financial integrity;

F. Violates any applicable provision of this title;

G. Violates a Commission Order;

H. Fails to comply with State or local tax laws;

I. Violates any applicable provision of Public Utilities Article, Annotated Code of Maryland, or any State or federal consumer protection law;

J. Is convicted of, or has a principal who is convicted of, a felony or any crime involving fraud, theft, or deceit; or

K. Has a similar license issued by another state or the federal government suspended or revoked.