.02 Application Requirements.

A. A person applying for a gas supplier license or to transfer an existing gas supplier license shall file an application on the form provided by the Commission.

B. The application shall contain at least the following information:

(1) The technical and managerial competency of the applicant;

(2) A statement indicating compliance with all applicable requirements of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

(3) A statement of compliance with applicable federal and State consumer protection laws, and environmental laws and regulations relating to the gas services;

(4) A statement of financial integrity;

(5) A certificate from:

(a) The state under which the applicant's business is formed, indicating that the applicant is in good standing and qualified to do business in the state of formation; and

(b) The Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation, indicating that the business is qualified to do business in the State, if the business of the applicant is formed under the laws of a state other than Maryland;

(6) An affidavit of tax compliance, including local taxes and surcharges;

(7) If the applicant provides competitive billing services:

(a) A statement of compliance with any local licensing and bonding requirement; and

(b) A copy of the agreement between the gas company and the gas supplier that:

(i) Details the reciprocal responsibilities for collection and ownership of accounts receivable; and

(ii) Prohibits the gas company from commencing collection or service termination action of any kind against a retail customer for nonpayment of utility charges billed by the gas supplier unless the retail customer fails upon request to provide evidence of payment to the gas supplier of the utility charges;

(8) If the applicant intends to collect a deposit or prepayment from a retail customer, a bond as required under COMAR or similar instrument approved by the Commission;

(9) If applicable, a certificate of compliance with the provisions of Labor and Employment Article, Title 9, Annotated Code of Maryland relating to Maryland Workers' Compensation.