.04 Customer Initiated Drops.

A. Customer Cancellation.

(1) A customer that wants to cancel a supplier contract shall first attempt to cancel the contract according to the terms of the contract.

(2) If a customer attempts to cancel a contract by contacting the utility first, the utility shall direct the customer to contact the supplier through the means detailed in the supplier contract, terms and conditions or may direct the customer to contact the supplier through use of contact information on the Commissionís website.

(3) If a customerís cancellation request has not been received by the utility from the customerís supplier, and the customer confirms that more than three days have passed since the customer cancelled the contract with the supplier, the utility shall process a cancellation.

(4) Customer initiated drops shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of COMAR

C. A supplier may not include cancellation provisions in its contract for service that would limit or waive this provision.

D. A customer that initiates a drop with the utility must switch back to SOS as described in Regulation .02 of this chapter.

E. A customerís request to cancel service with the current retail supplier under this regulation does not limit cancellation provisions contained in the customerís service agreement with the supplier.