.04 Hourly Priced or Competitive Service — Selection or Transfer.

A. Utility Fixed Price or Variable Price Service Customers.

(1) If a customer eligible for does not select or have a competitive electricity supplier, a utility shall provide HPS service to the customer.

(2) If a customer eligible for HPS selects a competitive electricity supplier, the competitive electricity supplier shall provide the utility notice of the selection in a manner conforming to the requirements of the applicable utility’s supplier coordination tariff and COMAR

B. Failure of Competitive Electricity Supplier to Deliver.

(1) If a competitive electricity service customer is eligible for HPS and the competitive electricity service supplier fails to deliver power as defined by PJM due to default, bankruptcy, or Commission action, the customer shall receive HPS.

(2) A customer eligible for HPS and affected by §B(1) of this regulation may elect at any time to switch to another competitive electricity supplier.