.03 Tariffs and Contracts.

A. An electric company shall offer net energy metering service to an eligible customer-generator under a Commission-approved standard contract or tariff.

B. An electric companyís tariff or contract for net metering shall contain an energy rate, a rate structure, and any monthly charge identical to the monthly contract or tariff charge paid by a customer of the rate class in which the eligible customer-generator would be a member if they were not receiving net energy metering service.

C. An electric company may not include in an eligible customer-generatorís bill rates, charges or fees that raise the eligible customer-generatorís minimum monthly charge above that of customers of the same rate class to which the eligible customer-generator would otherwise be assigned.

D. An electric company may not charge to an eligible customer-generator new or additional demand charges, standby charges, customer charges, or minimum monthly charges.

E. An electric company may not require an eligible customer-generator whose electric generating system meets the requirements of this chapter to:

(1) Install additional controls;

(2) Perform or pay for additional tests; or

(3) Purchase additional liability insurance.