.09 Level 1 Review.

A. The utility shall evaluate a Level 1 small generating facility for the potential for adverse system impacts using the following:

(1) For interconnection of a proposed small generator facility:

(a) To a radial distribution circuit, the aggregated generation on the circuit, including the proposed small generator facility, may not exceed 15 percent of the line section annual peak load as most recently measured at the substation or calculated for the line section; or

(b) To a spot network:

(i) On the load side of spot network protectors, the proposed small generator facility shall utilize an inverter-based equipment package;

(ii) The interconnection equipment proposed for the small generator facility is lab-certified; and

(iii) The aggregation of all interconnected electric generators may not exceed 5 percent of the spot network's maximum load if the spot network serves more than one customer;

(2) When a proposed small generator facility is to be interconnected on a single-phase shared secondary line, the aggregate generation capacity on the shared secondary line, including the proposed small generator facility, may not exceed 20 kW;

(3) When a proposed small generator facility is single-phase and is to be interconnected on a center tap neutral of a 240 volt service, its addition may not create an imbalance between the two sides of the 240 volt service of more than 20 percent of the nameplate rating of the service transformer; and

(4) Modification or construction of additional facilities by the utility on its distribution system, except for metering, is not required to accommodate the small generator facility.

B. The utility in conducting a Level 1 interconnection review shall:

(1) Within 5 business days after receipt of the interconnection request, inform the applicant that the interconnection request is:

(a) Complete; or

(b) Incomplete and what materials are missing; and

(2) Within 15 business days after the utility notifies the applicant that the application is complete in §B(1) of this regulation, verify that the small generator facility equipment can be interconnected safely and reliably under §A of this regulation.

C. Unless the utility determines and demonstrates that a small generator facility cannot be interconnected safely or reliably to its electric distribution system, the utility shall approve the interconnection request subject to the following conditions:

(1) The small generator facility has been approved by local or municipal electric code officials with jurisdiction over the interconnection;

(2) A certificate of completion has been returned to the utility;

(3) The witness test has been successfully completed or waived by the utility; and

(4) The applicant has signed a standard small generator interconnection agreement.

D. If an applicant does not sign the standard small generator interconnection agreement within 30 business days after receipt from the utility, the interconnection request is considered withdrawn unless the applicant requests to have the deadline extended. A request for extension may not be unreasonably denied by the utility.

E. Level 1 Review Failure.

(1) If the small generator facility is not approved under a Level 1 review, the utility shall provide the applicant a letter explaining its reasons for denying the interconnection request.

(2) When a small generator facility is not approved under a Level 1 review, the applicant may submit a new interconnection request for consideration under Level 2, Level 3, or Level 4 procedures.