.07 Referee Tests.

A. Application for Test. Upon written application to the Commission by a customer or a utility, a test will be made of the customer's meter as soon as practicable by a representative of the Commission.

B. Deposit for Test. The application shall be accompanied by a deposit as indicated below:

(1) Watt-hour meter ------------------------------------- $10;

(2) Combination watt-hour and demand meter -------------- $20.

C. Notice to Utility. On receipt of the request from a customer, the Commission will notify the utility and the utility may not knowingly remove or adjust the meter until instructed by the Commission. The utility shall furnish to the Commission's representative such reasonable assistance as may be required to make the test.

D. Customer May Observe. The customer, or his representative, may be present when the meter is tested.

E. Report to Customer. A written report of the results of the test will be sent to the customer and to the utility.

F. Disposition of Deposit. If the meter is found to over-register more than 2 percent, calculated in accordance with COMAR, the deposit shall be refunded by the Commission and the utility billed the amount of the deposit. If the meter is found to be not more than 2 percent fast, the deposit will be retained and disposed of according to law.