.06 Request Tests.

A. Request For Test.

(1) Upon request by a customer and at no charge, the utility shall test the accuracy of the meter serving the customer.

(2) A utility may not perform a customer-requested meter test more than once during an 18-month period.

(3) A customer-requested test may be performed at:

(a) The metering location;

(b) The utility's meter shop; or

(c) An approved meter shop.

B. Customer May Observe. The customer, or his representative, may be present when the meter is tested.

C. Report to Customer. A report of the results of the test shall be made to the customer within a reasonable time after the completion of the test, and a record of the report, together with a complete record of the test, shall be kept on file at the office of the utility for at least 3 years.